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WP Affiliate Suite Review

WP Affiliate Learning

WP Affiliate Suite Review

In the past decade, affiliate marketing has taken off and has become a sustainable and effective way of making money online. There are not many other ways of making money online that give you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and at the pace you want. Freeing you from the grindstone of the nine to five and with no restrictions on your earning capability.

How Can WP Affiliate Suite Help You?

Suppose you are starting or trying to figure out how to get reliable and trustworthy information and training to start making money online. In that case, there is no better product available to you right now that beats WP Affiliate Suite for price and value. It does not matter whether you have no previous experience and this is your first attempt at putting your toe in the water to learn how to make money online or whether you are an experienced and seasoned affiliate. Anyone wanting to make a living online will benefit from this course. WP affiliate suite offers you a comprehensive A-to-Z course on affiliate marketing underpinned by extensive training on creating professional affiliate websites using WordPress. Not only that, but included in the course’s price is a premium WordPress affiliate marketing theme. This theme is completely done for you. All that is needed is for your content to be added and made unique to you. The website you are on right now started as the free theme in the DFY Affiliate course!

WP Affiliate Course

What Do You Get for Your Money?

The amount of value in this course is unbelievable, and for just $14.95, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a basic introductory course. The reality is that there is so much value packed into this course you could easily compare it to other training in the market providing similar information, but without the included WordPress theme.  Some course currently being promoted are charging over $2000 and they are not as comprehensively put together as WP Affiliate Suite is. The training layout is professional and broken down into easily understandable chunks and is delivered personally by Chris Derenberger. The simple menu-driven layout lets you know exactly where you are at any point in time, and you can build your knowledge at your own pace in a step-by-step manner.

WP Affiliate Success

What You Get in the Front End

In the initial front end of the package, and for $14.95 you get the following:

  • Complete training videos explaining the ins and outs of affiliate marketing
  • A comprehensive set of training videos on how to create your WordPress site
  • A professional looking WordPress theme that you can download, modify as you see fit and make unique to you

This is a comprehensive training package, and the training is of the highest level. It covers all the bases to fully understand where to begin an online business and earn good money through affiliate marketing – all of this driven by traffic to your personalised website.

There are a lot of videos in this package covering every aspect, including:

  • The best type of keywords to use
  • How to embed and utilise your affiliate links
  • Suggestions and pointers on the best type of affiliate networks and programs to join
  • And much more information…

The WordPress theme included with this package is fully optimised, and the training takes you through how best to use this theme and personalise it for your niche. You will also learn where to get reliable and affordable hosting, choose and decide on the perfect domain name, and entirely set everything up.

WP Affiliate Suite Additional Offers

With just the front end at $14.95, you get a fantastic course, and there are further options to help you build an even more comprehensive and incredible opportunity to drive traffic and make sales.

OTO (One Time Offer) #1 Advanced SEO Strategies ($37) Advanced SEO Strategies is a more advanced course which is put together in great detail on how to optimise your website even further and increase/improve your site rankings. There are several different strategies you can use to improve your rankings over time. Chris is teaching is ‘over the shoulder’ and clearly explained in great detail, step by step. He shows you how to increase your rankings and shares various software tools to implement himself in his own business. He shows you examples of where he can rank for some pretty competitive terms and helps you understand how you can also rank for competitive words relating to the products; you’re likely to promote. Chris doesn’t pull any punches in terms of managing your expectations. He’s pretty honest and open that even if you construct and modify the template or theme you are given, it won’t necessarily mean that your website will rank in really competitive niches. For example, healthcare supplements are an extremely competitive niche. The companies that always rank at the top often pay hundreds of thousands if not millions to get their websites to rank.

OTO #2 Niche Sites Already Done For You ($45-$297) There is a bank of ‘done for you’ WordPress themes of around 55 in total in this upsell, covering all sorts of niches. If you purchase up this upsell, you will access all of these themes for 76% less than the price would generally pay in the niche shop. All of these themes are fully loaded with logos, professional images, banners and articles so that you can upload to your WordPress site straight away and start to add your unique content immediately. You can leverage these sites to prove your expertise to companies you want to join their affiliate programs and improve your likelihood of link approval. All you need to do with these themes is to create your unique content and replace the already preloaded content. You are then ready to go There are three options included in this upsell:

  • You can purchase three themes out of the bank of 55 theme options for $45 these would generally cost $75 or…
  • You can purchase 15 done for you themes for a $150, which would generally cost $375 or…
  • If you want to grow your business, you can get all the themes, i.e. circa 55 themes for $297, which would generally cost $1250. This represents a 76% discount off the regular price.

OTO #3 Reseller Licence for The Done for You Themes ($197) If you purchase this upsell, you will be given the reseller licence to resell these themes, and all of the profits you make will be yours to keep. There is a caveat within this upsell, which is that you’re not allowed under the reseller licence to give these themes away for free or as bonuses. You must sell these themes for a minimum of $25 per theme. You can, of course, use one of the themes to create a website to sell the themes or you can sell them on Fiverr or even open up your store.

WP Affiliate Training

Benefits of The WP Affiliate Suite

What is great about this course is that there something in it for everyone. Whether you or a beginner or an experienced affiliate. If you’re entirely new to affiliate marketing, then this is the perfect place to start. End-to-end training will give you everything you need to be successful. If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, you will be able to skip over some of the videos and set up new websites straightaway. Another benefit is that the done for you themes are so complete that they save you the most precious resource you have, which is your time! The themes can be uploaded onto your website in a matter of minutes, and you’re instantly good to go. All you need to do is invest a few hours a week to create and add your unique content to the site to grow your business.


So, if you’re serious about making money online, there is no better online training course in terms of value for money in my humble opinion. If you want to grow a real business and develop a real, sustainable asset, this is the perfect place. The fundamental skills you need to learn how to build your website are explained with no steps missed. There are other options as an alternative to creating your site, and there are thousands of people promoting such methods online. They will happily take your money and sell you an app that will build and manage sites on your behalf, but by taking that route, you’re relinquishing control, particularly in terms of the content that they add. The beauty about WP affiliate suite is that you receive all the training you need to create beautiful websites. Still, more importantly, you gain the knowledge and skills to develop and build a long-term sustainable affiliate marketing business that will provide passive income for years to come. It is an asset that you fully own.

If you purchase the done for you themes, then this will be an additional asset that will get you up and running quickly with multiple sites in any niche you choose. For example, relationships, making money online, pets etc.

I have personally spent a lot of money purchasing rubbish online over the years, and I have a hard drive full of programs I’ve never used, PLR products I’ve never opened. If I’d have found this training earlier and at the bargain price of $14.95, I would be much further ahead with my own business right now.