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Total Traffic Review

Total Traffic Review – Dawud Islam and Roberto Srpak

This is a review of Total Traffic due to go live at 09.00 EST on the 10th February. This is a new product launch from Dawud Islam and Roberto Crpak and is a training programme comprising fifteen free traffic generation strategies used by top-ranking marketeers. The training will get you up and running very quickly by getting the best untapped and targeted free traffic from fifteen different sources.
In this review, and the video below, (if you prefer to watch that) I will provide you with an overview of Total Traffic, and I share with you my honest view as to whether this is something that you should invest in or not. I give you my opinion on the product’s pros and cons and tell you about the upsells. I’ve also put together some substantial bonuses that represent a tremendous value in monetary terms, and they’re specifically designed to help you make the most of Total Traffic. All of my bonuses are available only if you click below through my link ===HERE

Front End and Upsells

Total traffic goes into great detail, showing you how to master the holy grail of building up your mailing list through free organic traffic. This is a well-structured training course with many golden nuggets that are not found elsewhere, and they’re often missed in other similar methods. With step by step over the shoulder videos where Dawud and Roberto explain precisely how to get your head around email marketing and more importantly, the many different ways that you can go about building your list.

Inside the video, I explain why the free bonuses are essential and how they complement Total Traffic. You can also see the sales page, and I also show you inside the member’s area. Inside Total Traffic, you will learn 15 different free traffic generation methods that work in any niche and you’ll be able to drive free traffic to any link or URL whenever you need it. There are then some upsells in addition to the front-end product which is priced at $12.95. The front end this gives you access to all of the training modules.

Upsell number one is the bonus giveaway rights for Total Traffic and all Dawud’s previous products. This means that you can build a robust suite of bonuses that you can use to support your reviews or use yourself to increase your knowledge. With these bonus giveaways, you can massively increase your affiliate sales conversions and help build your list.

Upsell number two is Total Traffic fix at $97 where you can get six super solo ads and access to all the members of 25 of Dawud’s membership sites in the making money online niche. You will also be allowed to place your banner permanently on these 25 sites, plus you get the free VIP upgrades as well.

Upsell number three is reseller rights so you get reseller rights to Total Traffic so you can sell it as if it were your product and keep the commissions across the entire funnel. Upsell number four are three done for you campaigns each week, and it also includes done for you bonus pages with review video product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you. The only caveat is that you will need Commission Gorilla to build and deliver your bonus pages. You can find out more about Commission Gorilla====HERE  http://

Upsell number five is a unique opportunity to launch a product with Dawud. Now, this is limited to five people only, and you can launch a product with him, which can be either your product idea or you can work alongside him to come up with an idea. All of his recent launches have achieved at least 300 sales, with some of them getting more than 500 sales, so it allows you to team up with a master marketer who will help kick start your career as a marketer. Please remember though, and it’s strictly limited to five people so first come, first served!
So, in a nutshell, if you pick this up, you’ll never struggle to get traffic again. You don’t need any technical skills, and the methods work in any niche.

Total Traffic Email Finger


To summarise the bonuses that I have put together for this, the first one is “Tailored Headlines for Total Traffic Success”. Having the right sort of headlines for your emails and making sure that you don’t fall foul of spamming rules associated with email marketing is quite essential. You’ve got to use the right headline to get people to click up your email in the first place, so this is a tailored approach to do that. Bonus number two. At some point, you might think about whether you want to get involved in gaining higher commissions often through webinars and higher-priced courses that are run by some of the more experienced marketers. The commissions on these “Big Ticket” training courses are a lot higher than if you’re doing product launches or launch jacking. So, this bonus here allows you to learn how to tap into those big-ticket offers and gives you some high-ticket affiliate links so that you can promote straight away. The third bonus is how you can improve your Total Traffic conversion funnels with. It allows you to get traffic coming in and then make sure that you start to get the excellent quality stuff coming out of the other end. Also, how you can keep momentum to build up your funnels, so you’ve always got a pipeline of strong potential buyers coming in at the top to feed into your pipeline continuously.
My final bonus is how you can use Total Traffic to then move on to using a click per action and using paid traffic as a source of being able to grow your business even further. You’ve also got all the vendor bonuses as well.

Total Traffic Keyboard Blue



So, this brings me to the end of my review for Total Traffic. Now I did say that I would summarize the pros and the cons for Total Traffic. On the plus side, the course is well structured, comprehensive, and on the whole, it’s delivered well. Without a doubt, Dawud is very knowledgeable about driving free traffic to build up a buyer email list. For the front-end price of just $12.95, you’re getting a lot of value for your money, even if you pick up the front end. There isn’t a downside if your objective is to generate free, organic traffic and build your list. Some of the methods may be a little outdated, but some of the older methods still produce good results as Dawud points out. If you’re relatively new to online marketing, then one of the biggest challenges you face is to build your list, not just in terms of numbers of people on it, but filled with good quality people, i.e., buyers. If you want to accelerate the list building process, then total traffic will help you with that. Driving traffic and building a list, mainly organic traffic, takes time and patience. Everything you need to know is Total Traffic; you need to learn and master the concepts and apply them. All of the upsells and the reseller rights to Dawud’s previous products are also worth picking up for the price. So, there we have it. I hope that this review of Total Traffic has been of some use to you and that in some way will help you make an informed decision on whether to pick it this up via my link below. All it leaves me to say is to thank you for watching/reading, and I wish you every success in your online journey.

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