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Elite Listings Review


Welcome to my elite listings review. This is the second product launch by Darren Brown due to come out on the 21st of January at 9 00 am EST. This is a brand new and unique product that you will not want to miss. In the review video below, I walk you through Elite Listings, and I share with you my honest opinion as to whether this is something that you should invest in or not. I go through the pros and the cons and give you a preview of the upsells available should you wish to take full advantage of this product.

Elite Listings

I have also put together a set of bonuses that are not just a random collection of outdated software and 10-year-old PLR as I am sure, just like me, you’ve already had or already have a hard drive full of similar stuff. Now the bonuses that I am offering you represent a tremendous value in monetary terms but are designed to help you make the most elite listings. All of my bonuses are available only if you click through the link down below. I want to emphasize that there are only three things you need to master when making money online. Number one is generating traffic to your offer to build a list of prepared people to buy from you. Number two is to provide something of value, that is attractive to people prepared to buy. Number three, make it as easy as possible for people to learn how to use what they’ve bought from you so that they can make money and change their lives for the better. Now Elite Listings as a concept works on all three of these but focuses mainly on list building. Not just a random list of emails, but a list of people interested in buying products that will help them achieve their goals.


The Creator

Now Darren Brown is a graduate of the Ministry of Freedom, so you know that he knows what he’s talking about and that he is well versed in the top tricks of the trade when it comes to quality list building. He goes into great detail in showing you how to achieve this, and how he promotes his offers and other quality affiliate offers to grow his list. Elite Listings is primarily an information product with step-by-step over-the-shoulder videos where Darren shows you exactly how he does this.

Elite Listings Wall Emailing

Interface and Content

The layout of the member’s area is intuitive and well thought out. What also strikes you immediately is how much content is actually in here – it is very comprehensive. There opening is a video from Darren where he starts to talk about how important growing your list is, and then you’ve got different elements as you move through the slick interface in terms of training areas. Each of these is pretty substantive in its own right as you will notice in the video.
Darren shows you a tested and proven way to make a living online and grow your subscriber list with either the free traffic or a paid traffic to earn legitimate commissions online. If you purchase one of the upsells, you get a setup and forget system and it’s got a built-in autoresponder to save you money in terms of your list building and emailing efforts.


• Affordable and comprehensive training covering many aspects of affiliate marketing
• Strong on the probably the most significant challenge for anyone just starting, which is list-building, (not only numbers but potential buyers)
• Very well explained and care taken to ensure adequate transfer of learning
• Some ‘secret’ methods included. Probably less well-known hacks to be fair


• There are other products similar to this already out there. There is an awful lot here all in one place, and it systematically builds your knowledge base.
Elite Listings represents terrific value for money if you make a purchase, irrespective of whatever level of previous experience you previously have, make sure that you go through this training in the order that it is presented.
Also, ensure that all the training is fully absorbed before you get distracted with the bonuses because it’s only by assimilating all of this knowledge and taking action will you benefit.
Darren has designed Elite Listings so that each preceding module is the foundation for the module that follows it, so make sure that you are going through these systematically and in the laid-out order.
So, there we have it my review of Elite Listings. I hope that this review has been of some use to you and then in some way it’ll help you make an informed decision on whether to pick this up via my link which as you know is down below.

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